The moon and the menstrual cycle: we tell you everything!

Have you ever heard some of your friends talk about their “moons”? Many theories raise the possibility that the phases of our menstrual cycle are regulated according to the lunar cycle. We tell you more...

A little history

First of all a fascinating thing, when we look at the etymology of the word "menstruation", we discover that it comes from the Latin "mensis" which means "month", very close to the Greek word "mene". , the moon (coincidence?!). Moreover, Greek and Roman mythology evokes Selene and Luna, two goddesses of the moon and fertility. For the Incas, it was Mama Quilla. She represented both the moon and the female cycle. Finally, in Chinese thought and more particularly in the Tao, Yin is both associated with the moon and with the feminine.

As a result, we can clearly see how the female cycle and the moon have resonated together for millennia. But then what did our ancestors see? what correlations did they observe? and above all, what interests us more particularly: how to reconnect with its cycle and the lunar cycle?

Lunar cycle and female cycle, how does it work?

Another serendipity or not, the menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle both last 29 days. We divide and link these cycles identically into four periods:

1. Virgo: pre-ovulatory phase and waxing moon

The pre-ovulatory phase is the phase when we are positive and where our vitality is strong. As we move between menstruation and ovulation, we live with excitement and prepare to welcome life inside of us. The ascending growing moon influences us with positive energies of renewal. It is therefore the ideal time to make new projects, meet new people and get out of your comfort zone!

2. The mother: ovulatory phase and full moon

The ovulatory phase corresponds to our ovulation. We radiate, our femininity is expressed in full and our libido is at its peak. It's time to look beautiful, to dance, to play sports and to let our full potential express itself. As our body is boiling, why not take the opportunity to do a short fast and thus promote liver and kidney detox?!

3. The enchantress: premenstrual phase and waning moon

The premenstrual phase is the mourning phase. Our body has not been fertilized so we turn to ourselves and we need to let our creativity express itself which is in full swing. Melancholic, nervous or sad, our emotions are upside down. In short, it's time to relax, rest and take care of yourself.

4. The Witch: phase of menstruation and new moon

The period phase is the period of liberation and tranquility before renewal. With the full, we have less energy, so it's the perfect time to reconnect with yourself, take the time and let all our emotions express themselves.

Fascinating and mysterious, if the lunar and feminine cycle captivates you as much as we do and you want to go further, we invite you to discover Miranda Gray's famous book "The Red Moon" or Aurore Widmer's "Living with the moon ". Anyway, we're off to the bookstore!