By Elise

We have pierced the mystery of the sacred feminine for you!

Reconnection to one's intimacy, ode to the moon, magic stones, emancipation, sorority and spirituality... The sacred feminine promises a saving return to our deep nature, by mixing several aspects of femininity, sometimes against a somewhat mystical background. To each his own beliefs, and to each to pick what speaks to him in this trend return to the original woman who is in us. A little compass in the jungle of the damn feminine.

Live your sacred feminine: take a break from the ambient frenzy

When you combine work and family life, other obligations and a hectic social life, you quickly get caught up in your mental load and forget to ask yourself. Taking a break is, among other things, what adepts of the sacred feminine recommend. A reconnection with one's inner energy, both mental and physical, which requires time for introspection and self-listening. To find what, in our femininity, crosses the centuries: a form of spirituality and wisdom stifled by patriarchy and modern life.

But what does this return to the sacred feminine offer?

Get out of the roles imposed by society

Whatever our sex, the sacred feminine would offer to open up our feminine part, our “yin”. The idea: to find the global, to stop being eternal opposites between men and women, and not to live according to the roles that society assigns to us. But the detractors of this movement oppose that it is precisely still a question of duality, of essentializing the genres.

Live your periods differently

Whether we are settled or not, the sacred feminine calls on the moon to feel our cycle. He offers to sleep under the stars (it's true what happiness when we have the possibility) or to leave our shutters open to receive the energy of our beautiful satellite. The cycle of menstruating women would then align with that of the Moon, thus offering more harmony...

Being close to nature

In the same idea, the sacred feminine wishes to put an end to the taboos on the rules and the complexes that they generate. Remember that menstrual blood is not dirty, welcome it. And collect it in a natural way without toxic period protection, for example with the free instinctive flow, the cup or the menstrual panties .

thrive sexually

Honoring one's body and its sensations, freeing our instincts and the sacred fire of our "belly-sex" is another precept of the sacred feminine. Become aware of the place of your uterus (whether you are a mother or not, and even if you have had a hysterectomy), your vulva, your vagina, learn or relearn the benefits of masturbation and float towards a fulfilling sex life , why not by testing yoni eggs .

Treat yourself to rituals that do good

Books dealing with the sacred feminine also offer meditations on femininity, DIY perfume recipes, breathing exercises, purification rituals and advice on how to make your own personal altar. A pleasant potpourri of ancestral practices to reintroduce into your daily life.

Make your inner drum vibrate

In shamanic rituals, the vibrations of the drum allow women to reconnect with themselves. You can make your own instrument and call on the cosmos, the Moon and the Earth to find your wild woman to the sound of your drum.

(Re)become more selfish

Boosting your sacred feminine would also go through more narcissism and stop sacrificing yourself, devoting yourself to others. A beneficial selfishness is heard. Lined with solidarity between women and more sisterhood.

Some books to go further

Of course, the sacred feminine has a long history behind it and is not limited to these few examples. To go further, you can immerse yourself in some readings on the subject, for example "La femme tambour" by Layne Redmond or "Awake divine women" by Véronique de la Cochetière.

Fashion effect and sacred feminine: beware danger

Adhering to the sacred feminine should never be an injunction to know how to live one's femininity, nor lock us into a stereotype. Even less be interpreted as a rejection of the masculine (in us or in men). Be especially wary of offers of expensive spiritual retreats, and find out who leads them before you start if you had considered it. When a movement is in fashion, some take advantage of it. And it's sacrilege ;)

Instead, take what you like about this movement, your reading (books or blog), your exchanges with others on the subject and make your own sauce! Because in the sacred feminine, the leader is you.