What if men had their periods?

If men had their periods and only them, would they have made it a different thing? Would the image of menstruation be different? Would the company and its organization be the same? Impossible to know… But let's try to imagine all the same, just for the duration of an article. The idea is not to suppose a real physiological change: it is not a question of giving men a uterus or the possibility of giving birth, it is only transposing the fact of bleeding once a month. So what could it give?

Another image of menstruation

If men had their period, would we have spread the idea that this natural physiological phenomenon isdirty, impure, taboo ? Would it have been considered a sign of weakness? Maybe not. Of course, we can only make guesses. But we can quite imagine that the male sex would have made it a symbol of strength, courage and virility. Blood flowing from their body naturally every month, it's impressive!

They could even have associated menstrual blood with warrior rites, painted their faces with it to scare their enemy, to give themselves courage. And everyone would have applauded!

Or perhaps the menstrual blood would have entered into the composition of more or less magical potions restoring strength and vigor to the sick and injured. Research would have shown its curative power a long time ago. (And yes, menstrual blood cells regenerate extremely quickly and some American researchers believe they could help treat various ailments such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis or cancer!)

If men were bleeding today

In our current society, would that change a lot of things?

We can think that menstrual leave would have already been introduced in many more countries… Hygienic protection would surely be self-service in schools and businesses, and reimbursed by social security.

There would be more public toilets because men should be able to change their pads at any time. Pissotières are not ideal for that!

And what about hormones? If men became irritable during their periods, would they be teased by women? Moreover, would we have invented a whole bunch of words to talk about menstruation without really naming them: ragnagna, things, English, etc.? ?

And finally, the big question: would Smoon have made menstrual boxers?

Well why not? If these gentlemen needed to protect themselves with super comfortable, efficient and ecological boxer shorts, we wouldn't have left them on the floor!

Of course, this fantasy is not to be taken seriously. However ladies, it's not too late to experience your period differently! Don't worry about painting your face with your menstrual blood like Demetra Nyx did. Having a little feeling of pride the next time you bleed a week without dying is already not bad ;)


By Emily