5 personal development books to cultivate your inner garden

(in any weather and at any time)

Take the time to question yourself, to probe yourself. To listen to each other better and meet each other better. Or be in the action. Sometimes changing a little something about the way we see things or the way we act can snowball and transform our lives. Whether you want to do some house cleaning or just sharpen your binoculars, personal development books are great tools. For you, we have selected five in different styles.

"As by magic" by Elyzabeth Gilbert, an ode to creativity

She had made us travel to Italy, India and Bali, in the footsteps of her heroine lost in routine. A woman in search of meaning, rediscovering a taste for life through gluttony and sensuality, then through silence and prayer, to finally find true love. Eight years after Eat, Pray, Love, Elyzabeth Gilbert is once again addressing our “hidden treasures” and giving us the impetus to reinvent our lives. Or just add some magic to it. In this book, the author gives us the keys to a daily life where creativity has its place, whether professionally, in family, in friendship, or just for oneself. She encourages us to bring our set aside dreams to life, and shows us that it's never too late.

"The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle (it's all in the title)

Essential in the personal development department, The power of the present moment offers no less than helping us to reach a state of grace and almost permanent well-being. At least, to gradually make room for it in our lives. To do this, Eckhart Tolle makes the Buddhist philosophy of mindfulness accessible through simple advice. Having lived through a deep depression, he testifies knowingly to the possibility of inner transformation, regardless of the external elements. Without rejecting or regretting the past, without denying the future - which he also calls "time-clock" - and its practical aspects such as organization, Eckhart Tolle guides us towards the joy of being fully present to ourselves and in the world. To thrive there.

"The 4 Toltec agreements" by Miguel Ruiz, the power of words

The Toltecs, nomadic people of Mexico whose history goes back more than 1000 years, practiced shamanism. They were seen as artists and builders, but above all as sages. Miguel Ruiz, also a shaman, gives us a simple summary of their philosophy in the form of four great agreements, to be made with oneself to access a free and happy life. They push us to detach ourselves from our beliefs, stemming from our education and our society, and which we have not chosen:

  1. May your word be impeccable
  2. Never make it personal
  3. Don't make any assumptions
  4. Always do your best

"Le Voyage d'Hector or the search for happiness" by François Lelord, an initiatory tale

In the office of Hector, psychiatrist, we discover that all patients want to change their lives. But what would they really like to change? Hector may try to understand them and make them happy, but it doesn't work. He even begins to be contaminated and to want to change his life too. But where to start, and above all, what does it mean to be happy? To find out, we follow Hector on his astonishing journey , woven like a tale for adults. Tender, playful and benevolent, François Lelord unfolds the journey of his protagonist in 23 lessons, to see the world differently.

"The subtle art of not giving a fuck" by Mark Manson, to let slip

In another style far from Care Bears and Instagram's perfect life, blogger Mark Manson insolently dismantles the positive at all costs and the injunction to be happy. It helps us release the societal pressure that often suggests to us that we would have missed our lives. To put into perspective what brings us pain and to stop feeling guilty or comparing ourselves to others. By taking the opposite view of personal development books, there remains one, approached with humor and scientific research in support. “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” helps us find inner peace by letting go of the negative and keeping only what really matters to us. To never "rotten your life" again.

By Elise