Let's take care of our breasts!

Big, small, medium: long live our pretty breasts!

They sculpt our figure and turn a few heads. Whatever their size, whatever their shape, breasts are part of our femininity. We sometimes like to forget them, other times to sublimate them, and to highlight them, there is certainly lingerie, but there is also a beauty routine to adopt.

The skin of the breasts being fragile and poor in sebaceous glands, it is first important to moisturize it well to avoid sagging skin. And prevent stretch marks . For this we choose creams or oils based on natural products. By applying our cream, we take the opportunity to massage our chest with a movement in 8: it firms the neckline and it gives a nice curve!

Then, we are careful not to gain or lose too much weight at once in order to avoid the appearance of stretch marks.

Finally we adopt a good posture (we stand straight thanks to the abs, low shoulders, slightly arching the bust). And of course we do sports, and exercises to tone our pecs .

Breast comfort and well-being

Sensitive to hormonal changes, our breasts sometimes make us suffer, especially just before our period. Fortunately, to reduce the pain or completely make it disappear, there are solutions. Food, herbal teas, adapted sport, well-thought-out underwear and self-massages (and yes again): there is no shortage of options to better live these delicate moments. We give you all our advice in our article on hormonal mastodynia . As for underwear, we recommend our very soft and super comfortable bra . Perfectly adapted to the menstrual period, it respects our physiology and the circulation of the lymph necessary for the good health of our breasts. If you are a fan of slow-bra , this is the ideal underwear to alternate with the phases without a bra beneficial to strengthening the natural support of our breasts.

Breast health, prevention and self-examination

Pretty breasts, breasts that don't hurt, that's happiness. But we must never lose sight of the invisible: the cancer that could be cured in time. Indeed, this disease is invisible and silent, because rarely painful to the touch. However, breast cancer detected early has a 99% chance of being cured after 5 years. It is therefore essential to be screened regularly, especially if you have a history of breast cancer in your family (once a year after 25 years by ultrasound or mammography, then once every two years after menopause) . It is also important between each control to practice self-examination regularly:

Standing in front of a mirror
raise your right arm
be sure to examine the entire breast
don't finish the nipple

Once a month after our period, or on a fixed date after menopause, we take the time to observe our breasts and feel them to detect any possible anomaly: lump, redness or discharge...

some of the symptoms to look out for

By Elise