Rules and travel, tips from a globetrotter!

Traveling solo as a girl is full of dangers: getting kidnapped, marrying a local, and last but not least getting your period during a 12-hour non-stop bus trip between Thailand and Cambodia…

Do we stop her period or preserve her natural cycle ?

The great dilemma of our life: comfort or effort. The comfort of veg in front of Netflix 5 evenings a week and drinking the last 2 to forget that our life is far from the dreams we had on the benches of the university, or the effort to draw the logo of the website that we wants to launch for 8 years. The comfort of staying in a dead-end relationship when you're 38 because you refuse to end your life talking to yourself, or the effort to find out what you're made of beyond your fear.

We would have every right to stop our cycle with the pill when the only prospect of excitement in our life comes down to these two weeks of vacation in Ibiza that we have been planning for 9 months. But if you decide to resist, follow me, I have drawn up a little plan of attack for you...

We bring our hygienic protections

First of all, we calculate our menstrual cycle to reserve the dates, but it only works if we are very well regulated. Unfortunately, life is never so easy for girls like me whose rules are even out of whack.

Then, for a vacation of 1 to 2 weeks, you take your protections with you. If you don't have room, you can always remove the 7th pair of shoes from your suitcase. You know, the one that really looks a lot like the 6th. And if we can't resolve it, we visualize ourselves hot in the evening with her super beautiful camel boots and the blood flowing between our legs.

We buy a small discreet box, style cigarette cases, we slip 3 tampons in and we always keep it in our handbag. And whether menstruation or no menstruation, you have the firm intention of going around all day, you equip yourself with your best ally, period panties , so you don't have to desperately look for a toilet to change your protection.

We prepare for the worst

If you leave for a year, you start by forgetting the idea of ​​stopping your period with the pill if you don't want to become an Android (the automaton whose appearance evokes the human being, not the operating system ).

We anticipate and find out about the countries we are going to. That way, we know that sanitary napkins in India are the weight of baby diapers or that in Vietnam toilet paper is a rare commodity. We also keep in mind that, whatever the country, there is a chance in 2 that there are no trash cans in the toilets. So the sanitary napkin that we just removed, where do we put it?! At the risk of repeating myself, your best ally is the menstrual panties : you just need to find a sink to wash them by hand. The more adventurous among us can even wash our panties in a stream and dry them on their backpack!

“True power is knowledge” Francis Bacon

You are resourceful girls, once you know what to expect, you plan! As soon as you are in a city or an airport, you buy the artillery: a plastic bag for used towels, a roll of toilet paper for excursions in Vietnam, a super plus tampon and period panties for the bus trip of 12 hours between Cambodia and Thailand, all the possible protections stacked on top of each other for a horseback crossing of the steppes of Mongolia...

In short, you have your back (and your behind) covered so that your holidays go well!

By Sophia