Summer and periods: the solutions that save the holidays!

Also called edema, water retention is an accumulation of water in a tissue of our body which causes it to swell. Benign but unpleasant, this phenomenon occurs, among other things, during hormonal imbalance or in cases of extreme heat. As a result, before our period (and especially in summer), we find ourselves with swollen fingers, stomach, legs and feet. Joy. Fortunately, there are natural remedies to feel lighter!

Why do we retain water?

Our body is made up of 65% water. It circulates in our blood and lymph before being evacuated through sweat, urine and stools. But when we store more water than we eliminate, this excess saturates our cells or tissues with water: this is edema. The cause is poor blood or lymphatic circulation due to a physiological problem, or to being too often static. But also to certain female hormones – estrogen and aldosterone – whose levels fluctuate during the menstrual cycle. Heat makes things worse by dilating our vessels and reducing venous return. Finally, excess sodium can contribute to the problem.

How to avoid it?

Phew, to avoid finding yourself bloated like a balloon this summer, there are a few simple actions to adopt:

- We are cycling !

Nothing like cycling to activate venous return. Wherever you are on vacation, rent a bike to ride for half an hour a day (outside of hot hours). For your comfort, wear menstrual panties . It will protect you from friction and as a bonus, it will absorb your perspiration to prevent you from getting a fungus .

- We walk in the sea

Water walking (or aquarunning) is becoming more and more popular among women. Nothing surprising when you know that this sport considerably reduces cellulite. By acting like a massage and modifying the hydrostatic pressure of our body, walking in sea water activates circulation and reduces water retention. So if you're spending your vacation at the beach, you know what you have to do.

- We drink more water

It seems paradoxical, but drinking more water when retaining water is necessary. And yes, when we don't drink enough, our body makes reserves and stores the water we bring it! To eliminate, you have to drink. Even more so before our periods and in summer.

- Let's take it easy on the mojitos

We know that alcohol dehydrates. It is therefore necessary to reduce consumption as much as possible when you are prone to edema. The same goes for cigarettes which harm blood circulation. Party this summer, yes, but take care of yourself.

- We do a potassium cure

Bananas, leeks, cucumbers, fennel, pistachios, sardines, raw spinach... We focus on foods rich in potassium which reduce our sodium levels, stimulate kidney activity and reduce water retention!

- We have a good massage

Finally, to reward ourselves for all our efforts, we give ourselves a massage with juniper essential oil (two drops in a little vegetable oil), a special draining oil. For the legs, always from bottom to top (towards the heart) and the same for the hands. You can also gently massage your stomach.

By Elise