How do I take care of my period panties?

Pretty and comfortable. Zero waste, economical and super practical. You've been intrigued by it for so long... You've invested in menstrual panties ! Or you are about to. But a doubt persists: is it easy to wash this invention there? Good news, the answer is yes. There are just a few recommendations to follow, mini rules so that you live yours at the top. And that your Smoon panties accompany you for several years, without moving.

1: Pre-wash fresh water like spring

You have surely already stained clothing or sheets with blood. Menstrual or not, blood tends to clot with heat. And to fix itself in the fibers of the fabric. It is therefore absolutely necessary to avoid hot water or even lukewarm water on a fresh blood stain. The same goes with period panties. The first step before washing it is to rinse it with cold water, without soap. Do it in the evening after wearing it. Rinse it until the water runs clear. Then slip it into your washing machine with the rest of your laundry (no, it won't stain it). No rush to spin it. Or wash your panties directly by hand.

2: Machine wash or hand wash?

At Smoon, panties can be machine and hand washed, it's up to you. If you choose to hand wash during your cycle, do it in cold water and feel free to do a wash at the end for a thorough wash. Choose a program at 30 degrees, it's good for your panties and it's good for the planet!

(ok but with which detergent?)

To wash your Smoon without damaging it and keep it for several years, we advise you to wash it with a classic detergent. Avoid using detergents that are too greasy and contain glycerin. Liquid or powder, preferably organic or green. If you are used to using natural detergents such as Indian soap nuts, that's perfect too. On the softener side, only white vinegar is recommended, drop a hazelnut in the rinse and you're done!

But be careful… recommendations

Our period panties are made with special materials to drain and absorb menstrual blood. In fact, there are products that they don't like at all! You should therefore avoid using:

- Dyes (in any case our panties exist in several colors , you can vary the pleasures:))

- Products that contain glycerin (for example shower gels or shampoos that use it as a moisturizing agent)

- Fabric softeners and softeners (they will transform the absorbent fiber)

- Aleppo or Marseille soap (we love them but not on our period panties: they contain vegetable oil which would make the absorbent fabric slippery!)

- Soda crystals and bleach which damage the technical fabric and are harmful to our vaginal flora (however, if your panties retain a stubborn stain, you can soak it with a little bicarbonate or percarbonate, occasionally)

3: Air dry

Your clean and beautiful period panties are just waiting to dry. That's why she loves the open air (when we tell you she's green): she shuns clothes dryers and radiators because they damage her fabrics! So if you're in a hurry and your period panties are still wet, you have two options: use disposable period protection or a cup while you wait. Or better: invest in one or two other Smoon panties, to make them spin quietly. Y Viva la libertà!

By Elise

Questions ?
We answer it...

Comment entretenir sa culotte menstruelle ?

D'abord nous vous recommandons de rincer votre culotte à l'eau froide après utilisation. Puis vous pouvez la laver à la main ou à la machine mais en cycle délicat à 30°C. Concernant la lessive, préférez des lessives bio et naturelles, pas de savon de marseille cependant. Evitez les adoucissants que vous pouvez remplacer au besoin par du vinaigre blanc. Pour le séchage, laissez vos culotte séchez à l'air libre, vous risqueriez de les endommager au sèche-linge.

Comment allongée la durée de vie de sa culotte de règles ?

Pour allonger la durée de vie de votre culotte de règles, appliquez-vous à suivre un entretien scrupuleux. Lavez votre culotte délicatement avec une lessive adaptée, en l'ayant rincée à l'eau froide au préalable, évitez tout produits superflus tel que l'adoucissant et laissez-la sécher à son rythme.

Comment laver sa culotte menstruelle ?

En amont du lavage, rincez votre culotte à l'eau froide. Ensuite, lavez-la à la main ou en cycle délicat 30°C à la machine. Evitez la lessive non bio, le savon de Marseille et les adoucissants. Concernant le séchage, ne passez pas votre lingerie au sèche-linge, laissez la sécher à l'air tranquillement.

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