Galleys of rules: testimonials

Collecting testimonials from galleys of rules will not have been very difficult! All women know this and all have a story to tell. The period of the rules can take us in embarrassing but also dangerous situations. Coline and Jill lent themselves to the game and told us about their misadventures.

Coline can only change her sanitary protection at noon

Coline is a school teacher in a small village. She is responsible for her CE2 students from 8:45 a.m. to 12 p.m., then from 1:45 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. She monitors recess, so she can't go to the bathroom for even 5 minutes. If an incident occurs at this time, she risks a lot...

“About a year ago, I had a copper IUD inserted. During the 6 months that followed, in addition to pain in the uterus, my periods became very heavy, especially at the beginning of the cycle . At that time, I only wore disposable sanitary napkins . I don't like using vaginal period products like tampons and menstrual cups.

One day, late in the morning, I was sitting on the desk of an absent child, at the back of the class, to watch my students doing an exercise. It was the first day of my period. The flow was so severe that the blood spilled out of the towel and through my jeans to form a small puddle on the desk. I didn't realize it right away. When leaving the classroom, a few students passed in front of the desk in question and very quickly noticed the blood…

They cried out, “Mistress! There is blood ! Someone bled! ". All the students gathered around the table. I approached, very surprised. It took me a few seconds to understand. I became livid… How to explain to them? I played the card of nonchalance: “Ah yes, well… There is blood. Everyone is well ? No one got hurt? No ? Go eat, I'll clean up. Luckily, they didn't ask any more questions than that. After that day, I looked for other solutions to protect my clothes… and the furniture. »

Jill forgot something..

Jill exclusively uses tampons to protect herself during her period. She is a nurse at the hospital, a job that generates a lot of stress and fatigue. Very attentive to the well-being of her patients, she sometimes forgets to take care of herself. A few minutes of inattention nearly led to disaster.

“My menstrual cycle is quite regular and I immediately knew something was wrong when my bleeding continued beyond 5 days. I waited a week, then two before consulting. I know it's not very clever but what do you want… Shoemakers are always the worst shod! I am the saying incarnate, I don't take care of my own health properly.

My gynecologist examined me and gave her diagnosis: a "little" oversight on my part was the cause of my bleeding. I had purely and simply forgotten to remove one of my tampons which had therefore remained at the bottom of my vagina for more than two weeks. This announcement literally repelled me! But the most serious thing is that I could have been a victim of toxic shock syndrome. The walls of my vagina were extremely irritated and the blood had been pooling there for far too long. »

By Emily