Menstrual panties: 5 good reasons to have them!

Menstrual panties are an alternative to the hygienic protections that we know such as sanitary napkins, tampons, or even cups. Discreet, simple, and even trendy, menstrual panties bring you the comfort you need during your period.


Here are 5 good reasons to have period panties:

1. Save money

Since sanitary protection remains poorly reimbursed by social security, all our expenses during our periods literally go… in the trash. Buying protection every month costs 6.08 euros on average, or 79.04 euros per year (counting 13 cycles per year), and therefore 3,161.60 euros in 40 years. (If we estimate that the reproductive cycle is, on average, 40 years in a woman). And yet we do not count the cost of stained panties!

To calculate how much you have already spent in your life for your periods, I invite you to go to this link:

While period panties you keep them for many years!

2. It's eco-friendly! We greatly reduce our waste

Every gesture counts for the planet. A small change to our rules is a big help for the planet! The ecological impact that our protections have is incredible: every month there are cardboard packaging, more than twenty towels and tampons thrown in the trash per person, which amounts to 10,400 pieces of waste in the life of a woman who could be avoided…

Having periodic panties is also an ecological gesture for our planet! No waste is created.

3. No more tasks

Who doesn't have the famous “period panties” in their cupboards, those that we only use during our period because we are always afraid of staining others? With the Smoon panties, the period panties take on their full meaning. It's a cute panty but designed for our menstrual cycle. No risk of staining others, or staining this one since it is washable and designed specifically for menstruation.

4. Fast, convenient and discreet

For women who don't have time, those who struggle with their protections (hello tampons) it's a revelation. Put on panties, a thong or menstrual shorty and you're done! A considerable time saver for all regular people, working girls, wonder-moms, and girls in a hurry.

A little something extra for all those who hate having to change their protections in the evenings, during a first date, in class or at work... Discreetly, we prefer panties!

5. Your body will thank you

Why mistreat the one who will stay with us all our life? The Smoon period panties are designed from French and Italian materials all OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 standardized. This international label guarantees that they do not contain chemicals that are toxic to our beloved body.

The innovative materials used for menstrual panties guarantee performance and comfort in movement during this period.


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