How to choose the right size nursing bra?

Baby is coming soon and you don't yet know which pregnancy bra to choose and especially which size will suit you? Smoon guides you step by step to be sure to choose the nursing bra or the bra that will allow you to breastfeed serenely.

Nursing Bra

Choosing the Right Size Nursing Bra: Why It Matters

For mothers-to-be who want to breastfeed, choosing a nursing bra is a real step in preparing for the birth of your baby. From the first milk flow in the maternity ward, it is very important that you have the right size nursing bra , with a suitable model:
  • to your chest
  • and your needs as a young mother.

Whether you are used to wearing a bra or not, make the choice of lingerie adapted to your measurement; Indeed, the breasts undergo many changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding and a bra designed specifically for this period of life provides protective support for your breasts and limits the risk of deterioration. So don't wait until the last month of pregnancy to choose your maternity and nursing bra! That's good: in addition to its menstrual panties , Smoon now offers its postpartum range including postpartum menstrual panties !

Choose your nursing bra according to the right criteria

Don't know where to start or how to do it? Don't panic, we are here to guide you and give you advice on choosing the right model of nursing bra . We know how these moments in a woman's life raise many questions, so let yourself be guided and you will soon be unbeatable on:
  • the upkeep
  • the measure
  • nursing bra sizes
  • the hats
  • breast pads
  • reinforcements (or not)

What use is a nursing bra?

Comfort and support

From the first months of pregnancy until the end of your child's breastfeeding, the breasts of future mothers and new mothers undergo changes that can lead to:
  • tugging
  • pains
  • and real discomfort.
It is therefore essential that your lingerie is adapted to these variations and offers you adequate support and comfort . Their wider straps and their particularly supportive materials make these products must-haves for your new life as a young mother. Nursing bras and tops are also designed to easily accommodate nursing pads ; these make it possible to absorb the drops of milk which may leak out outside periods of breastfeeding.


A baby feeds between 6 and 10 times a day - and a night! -, especially at the start of lactation. Wearing a suitable bra model offers easy access to the breasts thanks to a special opening system that will allow you to feed your baby easily and discreetly .

Protection and aesthetics

All future mothers have the same fear: having stretch marks. Wearing suitable lingerie during your pregnancy and breastfeeding, with the cup and size that suits you perfectly, is the best way to fight against sagging skin and thus minimize the risk of stretch marks . It also allows you to keep a nice curve of your chest and to feel good about your body, at a time in our life as women when it is not always easy to be.

What criteria to choose the right pregnancy bra?

Depending on your chest and your needs, there are several models of nursing bras.

What maintenance?

You will find nursing lingerie with more or less support. Choose the one that feels right to you based on your chest size. If your size is already large before pregnancy, opt for a stronger support, because your breasts can quickly become heavy . If, on the other hand, you are one of the smaller breasts, you can choose lighter nursing bras or bras.

With or without underwire?

This is a question that often comes up for maternity and nursing lingerie. Of course, the underwiring allows for even greater support and an aesthetic shape of the breasts. However, make sure they are wide enough and that they cover the entire breast . If they are too small, they risk pressing too hard on your chest, creating pain and even causing untimely milk surges! At night, prefer a model of nursing bra without underwiring , or a comfortable bra.

Which nursing bra materials to choose?

Models using soft and stretchy materials are obviously to be preferred for your nursing lingerie. This will avoid scratching and other feelings of discomfort, which we prefer to do without during this period of our life as a woman!

How to choose the right size nursing bra?

We advise you to buy nursing lingerie from your pregnancy, in order to make your purchase profitable . However, don't invest too early either, because we remind you that your chest will vary significantly in size during pregnancy, and even afterwards. You should also know that nursing bras and bras are designed with additional clasps in the back , in order to have a better margin of evolution.

Measure your pregnant or breastfeeding chest circumference correctly

It is not always easy to know how to calculate your chest size in normal times, and it is even less so when pregnant or breastfeeding because of:
  • weight variations
  • increase in breast size
  • rises of milk.
All of this can vary your initial measurement and quickly become a headache. We therefore give you some easy and useful advice:
  • Take your measurements about every two months to make sure you haven't changed too much
  • Back circumference : pass a tape measure below the chest. Flatten it without tightening too much to take the measurement. This gives you the number of centimeters.
  • Bust : pass a tape measure from one point of the breast to another. Flatten it without overtightening. This gives you a number of centimeters corresponding to a cup size (thanks to the size chart)

How do you know if a pregnancy bra is okay?

Too much compression of the breasts can cause milk surges, even engorgement. It is therefore very important that your nursing bra model is well adapted, and that it maintains your chest without compressing it. If you experience discomfort or even pain that can cause big red marks at the seams of the bra, it's probably too tight and you should consider changing the size.

How to use a nursing bra?

When to wear a nursing bra?

Feeding your baby will be one of your main activities for many weeks. The simplest and most practical is therefore to wear suitable lingerie all the time , at least during the first months, when your child's breastfeeding is on demand and your chest undergoes many changes.

A bra at night or not?

It is common for women not to wear bras at night. It's a little different in the case of breastfeeding, for several reasons. Already, because it is not uncommon to have milk leaks during the night , which are quickly very uncomfortable or even embarrassing. It is therefore useful to have nursing pads to absorb them, and these pads are much more practical to place in a suitable bra or crop top. Then, because the breasts evolve quickly and can be painful , especially during the first moments of breastfeeding. Wearing a nursing bra or bra helps keep them in place and reduces nighttime discomfort . You will have many other reasons for not sleeping well during this period, so you might as well wear comfortable clothes! As we have already said, choose a nursing lingerie without underwire to sleep at night.

How many bras do you need?

If you wear your nursing lingerie day and night as we recommend, it may wear out more quickly than your classic lingerie . Especially since milk leaks are frequent, and it will be regularly stained, so to wash. Plan to have three or four pieces of lingerie in your closet, so that you can change regularly without asking questions . It is possible that in your first months as a young mother, you do not always have time to think about your machines! This allows you to vary the models, pleasures and styles :
  • balconette bra
  • with or without underwire
  • brassiere
  • plain or patterned models…
Do not hesitate to buy different types of nursing lingerie so that you can choose from your collection according to your desires. Breastfeeding a child is a very important period in the life of a woman who becomes a mother and who makes this choice to feed her baby. We are here to accompany you in this moment and allow you to live it in the best way!

What you must remember

Why wear a nursing bra?

Wearing a special breastfeeding bra guarantees you the practicality, comfort and support you need for this period of your life as a young mother. Thanks to its particular design, its straps and its adapted materials, you will feel serene for the duration of your breastfeeding and your chest will be protected against the many variations it will undergo.

How to choose your nursing bra?

You can choose nursing lingerie with or without underwiring , bra or brassiere type, depending on your size and your needs. Choose soft materials and support that corresponds to your chest size . Do not hesitate to get several because you will often have to change them; this will allow you to vary the pleasures according to your desires! For the night, prefer products without underwiring.

What size nursing bra should I choose?

To calculate your chest circumference and have the right measurement, take a tape measure and measure your back circumference then your chest circumference , in order to know the ideal size. This will allow you not to compress your breasts while supporting them effectively. You should feel supported but not too tight .