The symbolism of the color red

In advertisements forfeminine protection , our blood is blue. And before we cut off the head of the last King of France, having blue blood meant that we came from an aristocratic lineage: the color blue referred to royalty. Does this mean we are all princesses? Of course. But princesses with red blood, a color that fascinates and which evokes war as well as love, sex as well as fire, passion and the forbidden, and also... honor.

Red, the color of life

Red is the warmest color in the color spectrum. We associate it with fire, embers, combustion, in short everything that rises in temperature. And it also rises to our cheeks when we are moved! It is also of course the color of the blood that flows through our veins, proof that we are alive, and that of menstrual blood, punctuating the cycle of female reproduction.

The color of passion

In the language of flowers, a single red rose corresponds to love at first sight, to passion (pronounced in Spanish). A dozen, to a marriage proposal. And a hundred… full romanticism! When it comes to lingerie or evening wardrobe, red sends signals of desire and promises torrid moments. Otherwise when we see red, it means we are very angry, another form of passion...

The color of lust

While Buddhists symbolize the root chakra with the color red and make it the starting point of Kundalini - this great life force sexual energy - Westerners give another connotation to red when it comes to sex. At the time when brothels were still open, a red lantern signaled the entrance. Remember the famous Police song "Roxanne You don't have to put on the red light, those days are over, you don't have to sell your body to the night"...

That of the forbidden

Stop sign, no entry, red light, red card. Red is also the color that blocks the way (no, no bad taste humor). It still evokes the fault or the danger. In Matrix, the red pill gives access to the truth about an evil world that must be fought against, while the blue pill offers to ignore it. And at France Telecom (sorry at Orange for the youngest among us) being on the red list promises us never to reveal our number. Not to be confused with getting blacklisted.

Honor and courage

Red is finally the color of blood that flows, but this time to cause death. It symbolizes war, revolution and at the same time courage (some know that courage is also needed every month, but that was before menstrual panties ). The Legion of Honor is adorned with a red ribbon, and it is the red carpet that is rolled out to honor stars or great personalities.

By Élise