4 books to read urgently to better understand your cycle

We may be in the 21st century, but some taboos still seem to date from the Middle Ages in our society. Particularly about menstruation. As a result, some young girls are misinformed about what is going on in their bodies. Some women are unaware of period-related illnesses or unaware of the dangers associated with certain sanitary protections. Others are not attentive to their cycle, the emotional changes that result from it or their fertile period. And above all, some continue to have a feeling of shame when they bleed. To all these, and to all those already informed who would like to help someone on the subject, or go further in their knowledge of themselves, to men who would like to better understand the opposite sex, we recommend 4 books on the subject to change the way you look at rules.

"The Great Mystery of Periods" by Jack Parker: Understand Without Shame

Taous Merakchi, a French journalist known under the pseudonym of Jack Parker, is also the creator of the blog “passion menstrue”. Her credo: break the taboos around the rules, with a straight talk of her own, both funny and serious. In "The great mystery of menstruation, to end a taboo as old as the world" she addresses in turn the biological changes linked to menstruation, health around menstruation, their place in society, advertising, history... All embellished with lovely illustrations by Madel Floyd. Asked about her book, Jack Parker replies without hesitation: “It's the book I would have liked to read when I was a teenager, and the one I'm extremely happy to have been able to write as a woman. »

“Kiffe ton cycle” by Gaëlle Baldassari: listening to our hormones

The author of “Kiffe ton cycle” is the inventor of Physio Behavioral Coaching. A particular training that combines personal development, taking into account the nervous system and … hormones. Gaëlle Baldassari compares the variations of our hormones throughout our menstrual cycle to a surf session. Each phase - pre-ovulatory, ovulatory, pre-menstrual and menstruation - corresponds to emotions and a state of mind, which one can use as one would surf a wave. In short, the author teaches us to make our hormones and the emotions that flow from them, allies and not to be dominated by them. With “Kiffe ton cycle” and its self-coaching method (program that also exists online), we live our cycle in the form of energy!

"Feminine cycle and natural contraception" by Audrey Guillemaud: back to basics

Here, we are particularly interested in the most reliable modern natural contraceptive techniques, and their genesis, to put an end to synthetic hormones, respect your body (like when you wear period panties ) and listen to your cycle. Audrey Guillemaud discusses in particular symptothermie, a method that allows you to feel your fertile and infertile periods without prognoses or risky calculations, thanks to the consideration of your body temperature or cervical mucus (which are part of the famous white losses mixed with vaginal secretions ). A book that allows you to discover the energetic and biological rhythms of the female cycle with a practical notebook as a bonus.

"Stella and the circle of women" by Maïtie Trélaün: an initiatory tale about menstruation

Less technical, here is a book on the rules written like an initiatory tale. Intended for teenage girls but very pleasant to read as an adult alone or with her children, this novel tells the story of young Stella who sets out to discover female cycles. At the center of the Earth and guided by three women, she will live a beautiful adventure around the seasons, the rhythms of life, death, renewal. A nice passage from the chrysalis to the butterfly which sheds a different light on puberty, with also theoretical and practical contributions.

By Elise