Best menstrual swimsuit 2024: our comparative guide

Looking for the best menstrual swimsuit for summer 2024 or just swimming in the pool? Whether for a heavy flow, for a teenager or for a tall woman, the choice can be complicated. Luckily, our menstrual swimsuit comparison guide is here!

Best period swimsuit: 3 layers or nothing

Looking for the best menstrual swimsuit means - as with menstrual panties - looking for a practical and ecological solution for women during their periods.

If it looks like a classic swimsuit, the best menstrual swimsuit must necessarily include menstrual protection. The best period swimsuits generally consist of three key layers :

  • The top layer , in direct contact with the skin, designed to be hyper-absorbent and quickly drain the flow to the next layer.
  • The middle layer which is the heart of the technology.
  • The waterproof layer that traps blood in the swimsuit, preventing leaks into the water or onto the body.

A comparison of menstrual swimsuits clearly demonstrates that the effectiveness of these swimsuits depends on their absorption capacity , generally suitable for light to moderate flows. They can be used alone or in addition to other menstrual protection.

Comparison of menstrual swimsuits: under what criteria?

To choose the best menstrual swimsuit, various criteria must be taken into account as part of your comparison:

  • The level of absorption : adapt your choice according to your flow. Some swimsuits are more suitable for light or moderate flows.
  • The type of swimsuit : 2-piece menstrual swimsuit , one-piece menstrual swimsuit with neckline and redesigned waist or more classic 1-piece swimsuit , shorty, choose according to your preferences and comfort.
  • Size : a well-fitting jersey will provide better protection.
  • The material : opt for a comfortable, absorbent and water-resistant material.
  • Price : there are jerseys for all budgets, but remember that a quality jersey can be a long-term investment.
  • The country of manufacture : this can influence the price, but also the quality of the jersey.

Don't forget to compare offers and read user reviews before making your choice.

Comparison of models for heavy flow

For a heavy flow, the choice of menstrual swimsuit is crucial. Some models are specially designed to provide superior absorption.

Smoon is THE brand recognized for its menstrual swimsuits that are particularly effective for this type of flow . They feature a waterproof lining and leak-proof silicone seals, providing optimal protection.

The brand's best period swimsuits are available in one-piece or period swim briefs.

Other brands also offer options for heavy flows. For example, So'Cup offers menstrual swimsuits, ranging from XS to XXXL, which provide protection during your swimming sessions.

Finally, the Sorio brand is recognized for its technology combining comfort and freedom of movement.

The Best Period Swimwear Options for Teens

For young girls, the teen menstrual swimsuit is an excellent alternative to traditional protection. Several brands offer models specifically adapted to this age group.

Smoon , for example, offers Brizo , the best one-piece menstrual swimsuit for teenagers - in our humble opinion -, a one-piece swimsuit very popular with young girls for its comfort and absorption.

A comparison of menstrual swimsuits for teenagers will inevitably make you want to also take an interest in Hydriades , the other menstrual swimsuits for teenagers from Smoon, this time in 2 pieces

At So'Cup, we also find bikini bottoms for teenagers, also known for their adapted cut and their absorption capacity.

For its part, Sorio offers several options for teens, from one-piece swimsuits to high-waisted swimsuit bottoms. All of these swimsuits are designed to provide menstrual protection while remaining discreet and comfortable.

Remember to check the size guide before purchasing. Each brand has its own size standards, so it is essential to measure carefully to find the perfectly suited swimsuit: there is no doubt that comparing menstrual swimsuits for teenagers will guide you towards a Smoon swimsuit!

Comparison of plus size menstrual swimsuits

For plus size women, finding a suitable period swimsuit can be a challenge. Fortunately, several brands offer models up to XXXL. So'Cup has period swimsuits available in several sizes, from XS to XXXL, as does Sorio, Modibodi or Réjeanne which also offer options for plus sizes.

Smoon certainly offers you the best menstrual swimsuit in sizes XL and XXL , allowing large sizes to find what they are looking for.

The best inexpensive menstrual swimsuit?

Even on a limited budget, it is possible to find the best inexpensive menstrual swimsuit that will suit you. Here are our tips for saving money:

  • Compare prices : prices can vary from one e-commerce site to another, so it is beneficial to compare several sites before making a choice.
  • Take advantage of promotions : Many sites offer one-off discounts, it's worth keeping an eye out for these deals to get your best period swimwear at a discounted price.
  • Use promo codes : some sites offer discount codes to enter when ordering to benefit from a discount.
  • Choose a basic model : the simplest models are often the least expensive. If you don't want a complicated design, opting for a basic model can save you money.
  • Buy out of season : prices are often lower out of season. If you can plan ahead, buying your swimsuit in the winter can save you money.

Comparison of menstrual swimsuit deliveries

For rapid delivery of your menstrual swimsuit, several options are available to you. Warning: it is better to wait a little longer to really benefit from the best menstrual swimsuit on the market , than to rush for an average model delivered quickly.

  • Solki offers 24-hour delivery for its menstrual swimsuits, which allows you to receive your order quickly.
  • Louloucup offers free delivery, not only in France, but also in Europe and around the world, making the purchase of menstrual shirts easy and accessible.
  • Decathlon also offers free delivery for its period swimwear collection.
  • My Bambou offers a variety of styles and colors, suitable for all preferences and body shapes.
  • Finally, Smoon Lingerie ensures delivery in 3 to 6 days in mainland France and delivery is free from 100€ of purchase!

So, whether you want to find the best period swimsuit for a heavy flow, for a teenage girl, or for a plus size woman, these brands give you varied options with fast delivery.

Customer reviews on the best period swimsuits

The best French menstrual swimsuits are highly appreciated by users for their effectiveness and comfort.

So Cup has been praised for its sculpting design, which follows the curvature of the body's lines. Users appreciated the discretion of the swimsuit, as well as its absorbent effectiveness.

As for Smoon swimsuits, they are recognized for their ability to manage an abundant flow, thanks to waterproof seals and a leak-proof lining . Users also appreciate the comfort of these swimsuits.

It should be noted that reviews are generally positive for these two brands, testifying to their quality and effectiveness.

Customer reviews on the best Smoon menstrual swimsuits

Smoon users note in particular the possibility of choosing the appropriate size, customer service which guided them well, and the possibility of returning and changing swimsuits if the chosen size was not suitable.

Another user told us on the Trustpilot site that she bought 2 Hybriade menstrual swimsuits for my 2 daughters aged 14 and 17 just before they left on vacation. Swimsuits validated with holidays spent in complete peace : no leaks and comfortable swimsuits!

Finally, let's talk about this woman who left us a very direct opinion allowing us to conclude on why we say that Smoon menstrual swimsuits are the best on the market : "the swimsuit is quite pretty". Ok the notion of beauty is specific to everyone... but we can only agree with it (obviously)!

Menstrual swimwear for women: top 3 sellers

Now, we will present to you the top 3 sales of menstrual swimsuits for women in 2024. These models are popular with users for their effectiveness, comfort and design.

  1. Smoon 1-piece swimsuit : this swimsuit is very popular for its ability to manage an abundant flow, thanks to waterproof seals and an anti-leak lining . Users also appreciate its comfort.
  2. So'Cup: this swimsuit is appreciated for its sculpting design and its absorbent effectiveness. It is available in XXXL.

  3. Modibodi Swim Wear: recognized for its comfort and style, this swimsuit provides optimal protection in all situations.

These three jerseys are sure values ​​that have proven themselves on the market. Do not hesitate to consult the online reviews to make your choice but we affirm loud and clear that Smoon menstrual swimsuits are the best in France.

Questions ?
We answer it...

Est-ce que le maillot de bain menstruel marche vraiment ?

Oui, le maillot de bain menstruel est généralement très efficace pour gérer le flux menstruel lors de vos activités aquatiques. L'efficacité de ces maillots repose sur une technologie de couches absorbantes, qui capturent et retiennent le flux menstruel à l'intérieur du maillot.

Les meilleurs maillots de bain menstruels peuvent absorber l'équivalent de 3 tampons, offrant ainsi une protection durable. Cependant, il faut noter que l'efficacité dépendra également de la marque, du modèle et de votre flux personnel.

Il est donc crucial de réaliser un comparatif des maillots de bain menstruels adapté à vos besoins spécifiques. Il est également recommandé d'essayer différents modèles pour trouver celui qui vous convient le mieux en termes de confort et d'efficacité.

Pour un flux léger, la plupart des maillots de bain menstruels devraient être suffisants. En revanche, pour un flux plus abondant, il peut être nécessaire d'opter pour un modèle spécialement conçu pour ce type de flux.

Comment entretenir un maillot de bain menstruel ?

Pour un entretien efficace permettant de conserver le meilleur maillot de bain menstruel, plusieurs étapes sont à respecter :

  • Le prélavage : rincez votre maillot à la main sous l'eau à température ambiante (15 à 20°C) en pressant délicatement le tissu. Évitez de tordre le maillot pour l'essorer.

  • Le savonnage : frottez doucement avec du savon bio, sans utiliser de brosse. Privilégiez les produits non gras et sans glycérine pour protéger au mieux le tissu.

  • Le lavage en machine : si nécessaire, lavez votre maillot en machine, en utilisant un filet à linge pour le protéger. Utilisez une lessive classique sans glycérine ajoutée.

Adopter ces gestes simples permettra à votre maillot de conserver ses capacités absorbantes et d'assurer sa durabilité, en faisant de fait le meilleur maillot de bain menstruel du marché.

Comment reconnaitre un maillot de bain menstruel ?

Pour reconnaître un maillot de bain menstruel, plusieurs éléments peuvent être observés :

  • La coupe : les maillots menstruels ont souvent une coupe un peu plus couvrante pour assurer une protection optimale.
  • La texture : ces maillots présentent généralement une épaisseur supplémentaire au niveau de l'entrejambe, qui est la partie absorbante.
  • Les matériaux : ils sont souvent fabriqués en tissu technique absorbant, avec une couche imperméable pour éviter les fuites.

N'oubliez pas, le meilleur maillot de bain menstruel ressemble à un maillot classique. Toutefois, il intègre des technologies spécifiques pour gérer le flux menstruel. L'étiquette du produit peut également vous donner des indications sur sa fonctionnalité menstruelle.

Quel maillot de bain quand on a ses règles ?

Pour se baigner en toute sérénité lors de ses règles, le meilleur maillot de bain menstruel doit être conçu avec une doublure absorbante, afin d'éviter les fuites et d'offrir un confort optimal.

Pour choisir le bon modèle, plusieurs critères doivent être pris en compte :

  • Le type de maillot 
  • La capacité d'absorption
  • La taille
  • Le design et le confort
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une femme porte la culotte menstruelle taille haute noire avec les mains sur la tête