Our advice for a zen and organized return to school

The holidays are over: smile! The start of the school year is an opportunity for positive renewal and new projects. It is also a period full of energy, provided you start it well, zen and organized so as not to be overwhelmed. Follow the leader !

I register for a sports activity

To put you right away in the bath with good energy, start by signing up for a physical activity that will do you good (boxing to let off steam, dance to loosen up, yoga to decompress, climbing for you recenter …). The choice is vast, be curious and confident: once you're too lazy to get started, you enjoy it and it changes your life.

I try new things

What if we took advantage of the start of the school year to reinvent ourselves a little? Get into music, go to new places, change the decor, change your haircut, shake up your wardrobe, switch to menstrual panties ? The energies of the new school year are conducive to changing habits, creativity and listening to our bodies. Go for it!

I make good resolutions on the food side

Eating badly is bad for the skin, morale and health. Too fat, you get fat, you feel flat and you get depressed. Too sweet we are irritated. Without protein we have no energy. No secret, to be good in your skin and in your head, you have to eat a balanced diet. Adopt the Mediterranean diet, one of the most beneficial ever, and don't forget the foods that make you beautiful .

I sort Marie Kondo way

Have you been searching the whole apartment for ten minutes for an important piece of paper? There's nothing like a good fall cleaning to see things clearly and start afresh. A tidy house is a less cluttered mind and a lighter mental load. Farewell superfluous, hello serenity. To boost yourself, follow the advice of the Japanese popess of storage.

I schedule girls' nights out

Do you feel like you haven't seen your girlfriends of the year or almost? When you were available, they were the ones who weren't and time flew by. As a result, you miss them: laugh with them, tell them your worries, your secrets, listen to their advice, talk rags and boys... This year, change the situation and create a Whatsapp group together to meet regularly.

… And of course, I make my to do list for the start of the school year so that I don't forget anything, and I organize my next vacation.

A beautiful horizon in sight, it always helps in periods of stress or little slack.

Happy back to school everyone!

By Elise