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Naiades Period Swimsuit

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bleu Naiades Period Swimsuit


Discover the first period swimsuit that can be worn without additional protection for the duration of your period!

Thanks to its unique technology based on anti-leak seals in OEKO-TEX®STANDARD 100 certified silicone, this period swimsuit guarantees maximum sealing and real absorption of periods (equivalent to 2 conventional tampons ).
Its sporty cut specially adapted for swimming and its eco-sustainable material that is both soft and super resistant offer total freedom of movement.

Fabrication & impact environnemental

Le maillot de bain menstruel Smoon est certifié OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 : certificat n°CQ 1285/2 .

Nos produits sont développés à Paris par notre ingénieure textile et confectionnés en Tunisie.

Certification textile biologique 🌿.
Sans produits et substances nocives pour le corps et l'environnement (pas de produits chimiques et de nanoparticules d'argent).
3 ans de règles = 3 culottes = 0,127kg de déchets VS 780 tampons ou serviettes = 4,5kg de déchets. 


  1. To begin with, we recommend you washing your period swimsuit before you wear it for the first time ! And after each use, rinse it in cold water.   
  2. To wash them, you can choose to hand wash them or machin wash them at 30°C maximum.  
  3. Then air dry your period swimsuit ! 

To avoid: greasy detergents and soaps (e.g. Marseille soap), fabric softener and the tumble dryer. For more information, see our care guide! 

Our period swimsuit is OEKO-TEX®STANDARD 100 certified. 
French and Italian materials. Made in Tunisia. 

Main material : 78% polyamide, 22% elastane 
Bottom : 51% hydrophilamide, 42% polyamide, 7% elastane 
Absorbent : 100% polyester 
Membrane : 75% polyester, 16% elasthane, 9% polyurethane 

Pas de sèche linge
Programme à froid ou 30°C
Pas de savon gras
Lavable à la main
Rincer après utilisation


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Pour toute question, consultez notre FAQ ou contactez-nous par mail à ou téléphone au +33 9 78 46 89 60

10 swimmers for the Orsay Club tried our period swimsuit to test the efficienty of our product. Discover their testimony in the video !

Elles ont adopté nos culottes menstruelles

Let's talk about the period swimsuit

Like menstrual panties, SMOON menstrual swimwear can absorb blood flow during menstruation. As a washable and reusable sanitary protection, they can also: absorb heavy white discharge during the cycle or occasional bladder leakage. Offering reliable and effective period protection in any circumstance, SMOON menstrual swimwear is therefore suitable for: all swimmers, pregnant women and new mothers. Ideal for sunbathing or swimming at the beach or pool during your period, these menstrual swimming costumes are suitable for medium and light flows. In case of heavy flow, a menstrual cup can be worn in addition. Thanks to their super innovative materials, SMOON absorbent swimwear guarantees maximum comfort. Only the crotch area is made up of several layers of fabric that do not swell when in contact with water. The rest of the period swimming costume is unlined. For you, it is the assurance of optimal waterproof protection offering an ultra reliable anti-leakage barrier! How to wear your SMOON menstrual swimming costume?

The SMOON period swimming costume has an absorbent part made of 3 highly technical materials and a waterproof membrane to absorb and retain the blood flow during menstruation. The material in contact with the skin drains the blood to the absorbent part. The absorbent and antibacterial core of the menstrual swimming costume absorbs and retains the flow of blood during menstruation and prevents odours, while the thin waterproof and breathable membrane prevents leakage and maceration. The absorption capacity of the SMOON swimming costume is perfectly suited to light and medium flows. Depending on the period of the cycle, it can be worn without any risk of leakage or staining: throughout the day for a light flow; 6 hours for a medium flow; 2 to 3 hours maximum for a heavy flow (or hypermenorrhoea). It is possible to wear a menstrual cup in addition. How do I wash and care for my period swimming costume? Like all the brand's period panties and lingerie, the SMOON period swimming costume can be washed: in the washing machine or by hand in cold or warm water up to 30°C.After use, be sure to rinse the swimming costume in cold water. If you wish, you can leave it to soak for a few minutes to a few hours in clean water. When washing, it is best to use a mild, non-greasy soap or detergent. To preserve the qualities of the draining fabric of the swimming costume, avoid the use of fabric softener. For the same reasons, the tumble dryer is not recommended. The good news? Your menstrual swimming costume dries quickly and odourlessly in the open air. Can I combine my SMOON menstrual swimming costume with another menstrual protection product? The SMOON menstrual swimming costume can absorb between 15 and 20 ml. This absorption capacity is equivalent to 2 conventional tampons. In case of heavy flow, you can wear a menstrual cup or tampon in addition to your menstrual swimming costume. However, you cannot wear a sanitary napkin or panty liner with your menstrual swimming costume: this would render the absorbent area at the bottom of the panties completely useless. What materials are used in the manufacture of the SMOON period swimming costume? The SMOON period swimming costume is made of technical materials for maximum comfort and optimal performance. Its draining, absorbent and waterproof fibres are OEKO TEX certified and free of silver nanoparticles. For you, it is the promise of a swimming costume that absorbs menstruation while respecting your health and nature.for the bottom of the pants, we use an innovative material that drains liquids to the absorbent layer and dries ultra-fast. It is made of hydrophilamide, polyamide and elastane. For the absorbent core, we have chosen a material that can absorb blood flow, urine leakage or white discharge throughout the day. This absorbent part is made of 100% polyester. For the waterproof membrane, we chose a breathable, yet waterproof material to ensure the absorbent swimming costume breathes while preventing leaks. The waterproof membrane is made of polyester and polyurethane. Finally, the main material of the women's period swimming costume has been selected for its softness and comfort to support movement in any situation. It is made of polyamide and elastane. All the materials used for the SMOON menstrual swimming costume for women are French and Italian. They are all REACH certified. None of them contain silver nanoparticles. The SMOON menstrual swimming costume is manufactured in Tunisia, which is known worldwide for its know-how in lingerie. This factory is regularly monitored to ensure that working conditions are respected. Does the SMOON menstrual swimming costume fit all body types?The SMOON period swimming costume is available in six different sizes. To fit almost everyone, you can find it in sizes XS to XXL. To help you find the right size for you, here is a summary of the sizes: XS is 34/36. S is 36/38. M is 38/40. L is 40/42. XL fits 42/44. XXL fits 44/46. How long does a SMOON swimming costume last? On average, a SMOON menstrual swimming costume lasts five years. Follow our care tips to ensure that your menstrual swimming costume will last you through your next 65 menstrual cycles. Here are the most important points to remember when caring for your SMOON period swimming costume. Rinse the swimming costume in cold water. Wash with a mild, non-greasy soap or neutral detergent. Air dry. Avoid using fabric softeners. Do not use the spin cycle. Do not use a tumble dryer. Do not use an iron. Because SMOON has chosen the highest quality materials, your menstrual swimming costume is made to last! How does SMOON package its menstrual swimwear when ordering? To limit the waste generated by the packaging required for your order, we offer two delivery methods. Delivery in a cardboard envelope: when your order is delivered, you will receive your SMOON menstrual swimming costume wrapped in tissue paper. The whole thing will be put directly into a nice cardboard envelope. Our promise: 0 extra boxes and 0 plastic! Delivery in a reusable parcel: for an extra €1, we also offer to send your SMOON menstrual swimming costume in a reusable Hipli parcel. Here, every euro invested will be 100% effective for the planet. Our promise: a package that is designed to be reused 100 times, and logistics that are optimised to make it so. SMOON delivers its menstrual swimwear for women to the four corners of France, the French overseas departments and territories and throughout Europe. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to send us an email to find out if we can deliver your SMOON swimming costume to you. Orders are shipped within 48 hours maximum. Delivery times depend on the carrier chosen. In general, it takes between 1 and 3 days in metropolitan France. The delivery time is usually 3 to 10 days for the DOM-TOM and the international.