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Our flow evolves during the cycle and so do our desires. This is why we suggest you compose the pack that suits you the most while saving money.

Format, models, colors... You choose.


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3 panties


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5 panties


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7 panties

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Questions about the product
Tailor-made package

Who is SMOON's menstrual panty pack for?

The menstrual panties pack is for you who think it's time to change the rules with products that respect your body and the environment. All without compromising on performance or comfort. With the SMOON tailor-made pack, freedom is yours! Color, size, shape, level of absorption: you select as many menstrual panties, thongs and/or shorties as you need and you save money!

Which models to choose in my pack of SMOON menstrual panties?

Classic briefs, high-waisted briefs, thongs, boyshorts, all SMOON models can put together your made-to-measure pack . In detail, you can include in your menstrual panties pack:

  • microfiber menstrual panties for heavy flow;
  • microfiber menstrual panties for medium flow;
  • high-waisted microfiber menstrual panties for medium flow;
  • the microfiber menstrual shorty for medium flow;
  • the microfiber menstrual thong for light flow.
It's up to you to determine the number, color and level of absorption of the menstrual panties in your made-to-measure SMOON pack.

How can you save money with the SMOON menstrual panties pack?

Compose your pack of SMOON menstrual panties while saving money!
Depending on the number of menstrual panties, thongs or shorties ordered, you can benefit from discounts ranging from 10 to 20% .

  • For an order of three to four menstrual panties , thongs or shorties, you get 10% off.
  • For an order of four to five menstrual panties, thongs or shorties, you benefit from a 15% discount.
  • For an order of seven menstrual panties, thongs or shorties, you benefit from a 20% discount.
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Smoon and his tailor-made pack

Why opt for the menstrual panties pack?

The SMOON made-to-measure pack allows you to freely compose your assortment of menstrual panties, thongs and shorties . Shape, color, size, level of absorption: you make your selection, as close as possible to your desires and your needs. Better, it is also you who decide how much to order. With SMOON's menstrual panty pack formula, you can mix and match three to seven menstrual panties, thongs and shorties while benefiting from decreasing prices .

Is the SMOON tailor-made pack sufficient for a complete cycle?

In our experience, a reserve of 5 period panties allows you to remain serene throughout the cycle. This quantity is sufficient for optimal rolling in terms of washing and drying. With the SMOON menstrual panties pack, you can vary the models and the level of absorption . For example, you can select one or more Artémis ultra-absorbent heavy flow panties to protect you during the first days of your period and at night. To complete your made-to-measure pack, you can choose other menstrual panties, thongs or shorties for medium or light flow in anticipation of the middle and end of the cycle.

How to maintain the menstrual panties of the SMOON tailor-made pack?

Your SMOON menstrual panties, thongs or shorties have an average longevity of five years. To make them last as long as possible, here are our maintenance tips . After wearing your SMOON period panties all day or all night (12 hours maximum), it's time to clean it. The operation follows three steps.

  • Step 1: rinsing with cold water.
  • Step 2: hand or machine wash with the rest of your laundry at 30°C maximum.
  • Step 3: natural drying in the open air.

Among the advice to remember, remember that to preserve the full effectiveness of your period panties, you must avoid:

  • greasy soaps or washes;
  • the spin cycle;
  • the clothes dryer ;
  • the iron.

How do I choose the size of menstrual panties when composing my made-to-measure pack?

Smoon menstrual panties, thongs or shorties are available in six different sizes . If you are not quite sure of your size, do not hesitate to measure your hip circumference (TH), at the widest point. Here are some examples of matches:

  • XS = 34/36 or 84/88 cm TH;
  • S = 36/38 or 88/92 cm TH;
  • M = 38/40 or 92/96 cm TH;
  • L = 40/42 or 96/100 cm TH;
  • XL = 42/44 or 100/104 cm TH;
  • XXL = 44/46 or 104/108 cm TH.

How are the SMOON menstrual panties in the made-to-measure pack made?

Period panties are made from REACH-certified French and Italian materials without silver nanoparticles . Their seamless technology ensures their discretion under clothing. They owe their level of reliability, comfort and ease of maintenance to the use of the following technical fabrics:

  • polyamide and elastane for the main part;
  • hydrophilamide, polyamide and polyester for the panty bottom and the absorbent part;
  • polyester and polyurethane for the waterproof but breathable membrane.