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Menstrual thong Aphrodite

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Color: Black
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  1. To begin with, we recommend washing your menstrual thong before you wear it the first time! And after each use, rinse it with cold water. 

  2. To wash it, you can choose to wash it by hand or machine wash it at 30°C maximum. 

  3. Then air dry your menstrual thong! 

Avoid: greasy detergents and soaps (e.g. Marseille soap), fabric softener and the dryer.
To learn more, consult our care guide!

The Smoon period thong is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.
French and Italian materials. Made in Tunisia.

Main material :
80% polyamide, 20% elastane

Bottom : 51% hydrophilamide, 42% polyamide, 7% elastane

Absorbent : 100% polyester

Membrane : 86% polyester, 14% polyurethane

Maintenance and Composition

The Smoon menstrual thong is ideal at the beginning and end of the period, when the flow is lighter. Equipped with our state-of-the-art technology, it ensures absorption equivalent to that ofa classic tampon, without odour or feeling of wetness. Still seamless, this thong can also be worn in addition to a cup or tampon on other days of the cycle.


The impact of a microfibre menstrual g-string isFromraw material to end of life, not forgetting transport, packaging and washing, used for 3 years.

1.24KG OF CO2




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We answer them...

How to use a menstrual thong?

You can use a period thong the same way you would use a regular thong. When your period starts and ends, put on your menstrual thong and have a great day! 

At other times of the cycle, when the flow is heavier, you can wear a cup or tampon under your thong, which will increase your protection and the length of absorption. 

Our signature "seamless and our sober colors that go with everything will allow you to wear your menstrual thong discreetly without it being seen. You won't think about your period for a few hours!

s rules in the space of a few hours!

What size for a period thong?

Our menstrual thongs are to be worn in your usual size. Their slightly sheathing material often relaxes at the first washing, that is why that is why choosing your usual size will allow you to always feel maintained and comfortable throughout your use.

Our menstrual g-strings are designed so that the absorbent part of the menstrual garments is adjusted to your morphologyregardless of your movements. Choosing the size you usually wear for your period panties allows you to maintain this fit, even after many washes and uses.

To help you in your choice, you can use our size guide, which takes into account your hip and waist size.

When to change a menstrual thong?

The period thong for women is to be worn at the beginning and end of the periodwhen the flow is not very abundant. It replaces a classic tampon, since it has the same absorption capacity. On the other hand, it is much more comfortable because it will not cause you any sensation of moisture nor odor.

The menstrual thong is therefore changed after a few hours, as you would replace a conventional disposable sanitary protection; however, if you feel discomfort more quickly, you can of course change it as soon as it seems necessary to you.

Its attractive price and easy delivery make it a simple make it a simple rule garment to get in several copies, by varying the colors for example. You will be able to easily change as many times as you wish.

See our FAQ
a woman wears black high-waisted menstrual panties with her hands on her head

Why choose our menstrual thongs?

The Smoon menstrual thong, available at an affordable price, is ideal at the beginning and end of the period, when the flow is lighter.

Made with soft and comfortable technical materials (cotton, microfiber) certified OEKO-TEX®, it ensures an absorption equivalent to that of a classic tampon.

Its effectiveness is not any more to prove and will enable you to pass a beginning and an end of rules

  • odourless
  • without leakage
  • and without feeling damp.

It can also be worn in addition to a cup or tampon on other days, when the flow is heavier.

Thanks to our seamless technology, this period thong is perfectly invisible under clothing and is available in two classic and sober colors. You'll have a serene day under any circumstances.

FAQ : menstrual thongs

Why wear a period thong?

A menstrual thong allows you to experience the beginning and the end of your period in a way that

  • serene
  • comfortable
  • and well protected.

The menstrual g-string is as effective as disposable sanitary protection - it can absorb the equivalent of a classic tampon - but it will also provide you with unequalled comfort. Indeed, the soft OEKO-TEX® materials that make it up make it a piece of menstrual lingerie that you will not be able to do without in your life as a woman!

Our menstrual thongs are easily available for delivery, and are therefore an economical and ecological alternative to accompany you during your menstrual period, especially at the beginning and end.

Day or night, you'll feel protected for several hours in the event of a light flow, and you won't feel the wetness that can occur quickly with non-washable pads.

Do menstrual thongs work?

The thongs of Smoon rules are particularly effective. Indeed, they are composed of the superposition of three distinct materials which allow them to be

  • draining
  • absorbents
  • waterproofs
  • breathable

Thanks to our string of rules, you will feel comfortable and dry in the event of light flow and on a duration equivalent to that of a traditional tampon. Similar protection against leakage, but with the added comfort and less odor!

However, don't think that if our menstrual clothes are effective, they are necessarily very thick or visible through clothes; on the contrary, the "seamless" technology makes them perfectly invisible!

How to wash a menstrual thong?

Several steps are necessary for a good washing of your menstrual lingerie. This will allow you to preserve its absorbency as long as possible.

First step: rinse the thong with cold water and make sure that all the blood is drained from the thong until the water is clear. Do not use any product during this step.

Second step: wash your period panties with your regular laundry in the machine (cold or 30 degrees maximum). For this stage, use your usual washing powder, by taking care that it does not contain soap of Marseille, glycerin or soap of Alep. Indeed, these products dirty the menstrual clothes and can attenuate their capacity of absorption.

Third step: air dry your period thong, without using a dryer, which could damage the fibers of your menstrual panties.

How long does a period thong last?

The life of a menstrual thong depends on :

  • a good regular washing
  • good maintenance

If the instructions concerning washing and maintenance are well respected, your menstrual lingerie can last from 2 to 5 years without being damaged and by keeping its excellent capacity of absorption.

Can you swim with a menstrual thong?

Menstrual thongs are not recommended for swimming. The OEKO-TEX® certified technical materials with which they are made are not designed to offer you maximum protection when swimming in the sea or pool.

If you wish to swim in complete serenity, without leakage and without odor, we advise you to get our menstrual swimsuit, which will guarantee you an optimal waterproofness during your baths.