Flying to the(S)moon

Smoon was born in 2019 out of a furious desire to provide a technical answer to women when they most need it.
photographie de Mathilde la fondatrice de Smoon

Who are we?

L’idée de créer une marque de lingerie innovante est venue à Mathilde, la fondatrice, au moment de la naissance de sa fille. Pertes, fuites de lait et autres réjouissances, c’est un moment qui n’est pas facile dans la vie d’une femme.
En revanche, dans des moments de vie comme les règles ou la grossesse, nous n’avions pas encore été aidées par la technologie. Et pour cause, le secteur des protections hygiéniques n’avait pas connu d’innovation majeure depuis les années 1970.

It was time to change things!

black menstrual panties on circle

After a year of work with a textile engineer, our seamless microfibre underwear was born. A technical undergarment that is both high performance and comfortable, respectful of the planet and our health. 

Since then, the range has continued to grow with technical products to accompany all women, whatever their age, their flow, their tastes and habits. Innovation is at the heart of each of our projects and guides us for future developments.

A team united around the same values!

Today, we are a team of 17 people because you can imagine that all these beautiful projects are not built alone.
We are united by our mission to accompany women in all phases of their lives and our love of cashew nuts!


  • Girl Scouts

    "Smoon offers the cream of the crop of panties that are friendly to your body and the environment, without compromising on performance and comfort."

  • aufeminin

    "We are convinced that the period panty has been undergoing a revolution for several months now!
    Smoon is one of our favourites.

  • lebonbon

    "This is a revolution in the world of our periods, and we are weighing our words."

  • madmoizelle

    "During your period, you're already struggling, so you might as well demand the best."